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The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride - William Goldman I finished this book in 12 hours. I just kept reading. It's pretty addictive. And it made me curious about the original Simon Morgenstern version. And the history of Florin. I always thought those were make-believe places, you know - white people fantasy land. And I was right! Haha! And this Buttercup seems a bit more human than the movie version, although she sounds like the precursor to Bella Swan, what with the being a bit useless and all the men constantly telling her what to do and stuff. Bella Lite. Yeah. Basically a story about the adventures of men. I don't think the movie passed the Bechdel test.

A nice story with witty dialogue still. I can imagine kids liking this. Although, there should be a novel about just Inigo Montoya. I'm just saying.